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Language Of Desire Techniques: The 3-Step Madonna Moan To Turn Your Man On

If you haven’t yet heard of the Language of Desire, it’s a terrific dirty talk program created by Felicity Keith and released under the umbrella of relationship expert Michael Fiore’s Digital Romance, Inc. The Language of Desire teaches women more than 30 actionable techniques for tapping into the sexual psychology of men and turning a man on without even touching him.

One section of the Language of Desire book focuses on what Felicity Keith refers to as the “Madonna Moan”. Learning it is a simple three step process.

Step One: Finding Your Voice

A Woman Talking Dirty To Her Man

Get him hot for you by speaking the language of desire!

Step one is all about discovering your own Madonna moan so you can feel comfortable letting go and expressing yourself sexually without reservation. As with all things, practice makes perfect.

Inside the Language of Desire, Felicity Keith explains…

“The first step is to perfect those warm-up vocals alone. Warming up and practicing helps you access your deep emotions and feelings. Here are some exercises to do just that:

Say his name.

Practice saying his name out loud.

Now lower the pitch of your voice and say it again.

Now say it slowly, like you are savoring every syllable.

Try it out a bunch of ways and see what sounds good to you.”

If it feels really awkward at first, don’t worry. That’s perfectly normal. Felicity Keith continues by saying…

“Does this feel silly at first? You bet. However, the more you get used to the sound of your voice, the easier it is to use it.

Verbalize your desires. Grab your journal and worksheets from this module. Say out loud the things that turn you on or the sex acts you enjoy. Just read down your list, “I am turned on by…”

Now, I want you to say them as if you are directing your partner or giving the play-by-play.

For example:

I love it when you (lick/suck/bite/fuck/pound/kiss/nibble/spank) my (breasts/neck/ass/pussy).

You feel so (big/good/incredible/fucking amazing/huge) when you (fuck me/are inside of me/ are on top of me/are behind me).

The point of saying your desires and the play-by-play out loud is to get comfortable with these words. You may end up saying these things as part of your Madonna Moan, you may not.”

Step Two: Moan While Masturbating

Now things are getting a lot more dirty (and a whole lot more fun), so it’s time to move on to step 2: moaning while masturbating.

After you conjure up some alone time, here is what Felicity recommends to help you discover the Madonna Moan that works best for you…

“Think of your list of what turns you on. Mentally conjure up your wildest fantasy.

As you start to pleasure yourself, begin to moan. As you build to orgasm, continue your moaning but feel free to let out whatever happens naturally.

Your “moan” may be a string of yes’s and mmmmm’s and oh’s

Your “moan” may be your partner’s name said (or screamed) at varying volumes like you practiced

Your “moan” may also be a whole bunch of “Oh God’s” along with curse words

There is not one “right” way to moan. The important thing is to let it OUT.

Don’t think about what it is you are saying. Don’t judge yourself. And do NOT censor yourself. Just make the noises and say the words that happen as they happen.”

Will you feel self-conscious at first? You bet. Will it seem kind of silly? Probably. But something very powerful happens when you give yourself the freedom and permission to express yourself sexually from a primal and uninhibited place.

And remember, your man is going to LOVE it and be all over you when you finally share your moan with him. And that means more pleasure for you too.

Which brings us to step 3….

Step Three: Share Your Moan

Are you ready to blow his mind? Because it’s now time to share your moan with your partner.

But before you do, remember that a Madonna Moan changes with your mood, the situation, what you’re fantasizing about, what your man is doing to you, etc. So don’t be alarmed if it sounds different when you’re masturbating versus when you’re in the middle of a hot love-making session with your man.

As Felicity points out…

“Your Madonna Moan is when you are so tuned into your desires and emotions in the moment that you let go of your inhibitions. You access the core of your sexuality and you express what shows up.”

The most important thing is to have fun and let go of your inhibitions. Now is not the time to be self-conscious or to get stuck inside your own head. Simply let your Madonna Moan take over and go with whatever comes out. It’s meant to be uncensored and totally in the moment.

Above all else…

“Remember, you are powerful. You are fierce. You are damn sexy, and you are going to blow his mind!”

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