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Woman Using Smart Phone Apps For Dating

Mobile Phone Apps – The New, Not So New Dating Trend

Today, smart phones are used for just about everything.  Expecting a message?  Check your email.  Bored and looking for something to do?  Play games.  Wondering what an “interrobang” is?  Search Google.  Need some new shoes?  Make a purchase.  Going through a breakup?  Text your ex back.

And let’s not forget about dating.  Mobile phone apps are hugely popular, and there are now dozens of ways to use the GPS technology built into your smart phone to find a mate.

But with so many choices, how do you decide which one is best?  How can you make dating more efficient without unwanted hassles?

In 2016, Digital Trends recommends trying one of these top 7 dating apps:

1.) Tinder

2.) OkCupid

3.) Coffee Meets Bagel

4.) Hinge

5.) TasteBuds


7.) Bumble

One way to make mobile app dating more efficient is to focus on location, location, location.  Apps such as Skout and Grindr help you connect with the people closest to your location.  Then, it’s simply a matter of deciding if you want to meet up in person.

Want even more choices?  How about Urban Singles or Are You Interested (now called FirstMet)?  These apps won’t cost you an arm and leg and help turn your phone into an “on-the-go” dating machine.  Again, you’ll be matched up with people nearby.

All in all, mobile apps are a new dating trend that isn’t going away anytime soon.  These dating apps give you the opportunity to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t know existed.  That alone blows the dating pool wide-open and gives you many more options to find the person who is right for you.